Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Curtain-Along Sleeves

 Progress last night.  I am supposed to be working on a commission with an upcoming deadline, but I got majorly obsessed.  The sleeve pattern I used, I'm not entirely sure where it came from.  It may have sneaked into the ziploc where I kept the mock-up pieces from the last Anglaise I made from some other project, because they just didn't look right.  I ended up using the pattern piece from the J.P. Ryan Pet-en-l'Air pattern and just adding an inch at the seam allowance.  I haven't been pleased with the amount of pleating that is necessary to fit these sleeves into the armholes, but I guess that's how it's supposed to look.  It ends up rather poofy.

The next step is to attach the skirt to the bodice.  I may try a different technique than the one I have used on previous Anglaises.  Next will be to add facings to the center front and start looking into buttons.  If it doesn't fit after the addition of buttons, I intend to take it in from the center back.  I want to preserve the straight line in the front.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Curtain Progress

I inter-lined the pieces I had fit from the Navy Blue Anglaise last summer.  It only needed minor tweaking. I didn't bother matching prints, but neither did they...I quickly stitched the printed cotton to the 5 ounce white linen from  The linen had been lying around from a coat I never got around to making.  The lining will be a simple cotton muslin.  I was impressed that the fit was as good as it was.  My intention is to attempt buttons.  What kind will be determined based on what's available and what I can document as correct.

Things are going smoothly so far.  We'll see how it goes with sleeves.  Now a question, is fashion fabric facing on the center front period correct?  Time to do a little research.  My aim is to have this done for the weekend, but I'm not going to hurt myself trying.

I got a little obsessed with this project.  Let's hope the fervor holds out long enough to finish.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Curtain- Along Inspiration

From the Kyoto Costume Institute, and gathered from Festive Attyre's Pinterest, this dress has been re-cut from an older 1740s Francaise to a more 1780s style.  I want to make something like this, but I may need to find a striped sheer cotton to make a petticoat out of.

A lot of the KCI "Indienne" gowns pair white petticoats with the prints.  I may have to do the same.

I found from Burnley and Trowbridge, this gorgeous striped satin cotton.  It's $14 a yard, otherwise I would have bought enough to make an 18th century petticoat and a late 1790s style dress.  I may have to acquire it next time I have a spare $112.  It's soft, and gorgeous.  There's just something magical about stripes.

The other option I had in mind was one of Target's famed "Shabby Chic" curtains and sheets with its white-on-white embroidery and cool scalloped edge.

The next step for me is to cut and piece the bodice.  My aim is to have this done for Saturday, but I doubt it.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I am IN for the Festive Attyre Curtain-Along.  I love the cream and the black options of the "Felicite" curtain from Wavery for sale at Lowe's and Kohls.

I adore it in cream, but a dear friend of mine has suggested the Noir.  I have seen a few extant examples of Indienne in the cream, but have not seen many in darker colors.  Also, one tends to wear such things for hot summer reenacting events, and I can't help but be reminded of my favorite childhood doll, whose dress resembles the curtains.  And, as a redhead, I kind of feel obligated.

I will likely make an Anglaise, for wear-ability at summer events, with a matching petticoat.  In 18th century (and 21st for that matter) I tend to go for minimalist, no-frills kind of styles.  The print is so busy, that I wouldn't want to obscure it with a ton of trim.  Not sure as to whether I will do buttons down the front, or hooks and eyes, but I want to be extra careful about fitting the neckline of this one.  My previous anglaises have had issues with fit around  the neckline.

I may have to go visit these curtains in person at Lowe's today, and see what's what.

Update 4:08 PM - Lowe's trip accomplished.  Two Waveryly "Felicite" curtains in the "cream" option purchased.  I am most of the way through the petticoat.  I couldn't resist.  The fabric is GORGEOUS, and just a touch browner than I expected it to be, but that's a good thing.

The "noir" is absolutely gorgeous, and I may end up doing something with it in the future.  Lowe's actually had several beautiful 18th century style prints from Waverly when I went to the store.  Thoughts to file away for later.
Update 6:07 PM - Petticoat completely finished.  I flew through it, hand finishing and all in about two hours.  I am amazing.

Update 10.12.12 - 1:41 PM - The last remaining panel I have is 60 inches x 84.  That's about 2.33 yards.  I'm not sure my skillz are such that I can make a full gown out of that.  I may have to break down and get a second panel.  I really want to do fitted long 1780s sleeves, but I may be kidding myself.  I am most likely to wear this for 1770s events, and a 3/4 sleeve may be more appropriate.