Sunday, January 13, 2019

Pink Silk Gown

 I made a new petticoat and stomacher to go with my pink silk taffeta gown.  I also styled a half wig to go with it.  In my previous wig-wearing adventures, I found that the shape of my head doesn't work so well trying to comb my own hair over the wig to make the hairline look natural.

I recently cropped my hair at chin length and dyed it red again, so with a ball coming up, I thought it was time to play with wigs again.  I ordered a half wig from Amazon, and set to work using  the now sold out book, 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling: History & Step-by-Step Techniques by Kendra Van Cleave.  All of the curls and "buckles" were purchased at a local wig shop so I could more easily match the color.  I got as close as I could.  Then, using a piece of PVC pipe, an entire can of hair spray, and an entire package and a half of bobby pins, I was able to make some approximation of 18th century hair.