Monday, October 15, 2012

Curtain Progress

I inter-lined the pieces I had fit from the Navy Blue Anglaise last summer.  It only needed minor tweaking. I didn't bother matching prints, but neither did they...I quickly stitched the printed cotton to the 5 ounce white linen from  The linen had been lying around from a coat I never got around to making.  The lining will be a simple cotton muslin.  I was impressed that the fit was as good as it was.  My intention is to attempt buttons.  What kind will be determined based on what's available and what I can document as correct.

Things are going smoothly so far.  We'll see how it goes with sleeves.  Now a question, is fashion fabric facing on the center front period correct?  Time to do a little research.  My aim is to have this done for the weekend, but I'm not going to hurt myself trying.

I got a little obsessed with this project.  Let's hope the fervor holds out long enough to finish.

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