Sunday, October 14, 2012

Curtain- Along Inspiration

From the Kyoto Costume Institute, and gathered from Festive Attyre's Pinterest, this dress has been re-cut from an older 1740s Francaise to a more 1780s style.  I want to make something like this, but I may need to find a striped sheer cotton to make a petticoat out of.

A lot of the KCI "Indienne" gowns pair white petticoats with the prints.  I may have to do the same.

I found from Burnley and Trowbridge, this gorgeous striped satin cotton.  It's $14 a yard, otherwise I would have bought enough to make an 18th century petticoat and a late 1790s style dress.  I may have to acquire it next time I have a spare $112.  It's soft, and gorgeous.  There's just something magical about stripes.

The other option I had in mind was one of Target's famed "Shabby Chic" curtains and sheets with its white-on-white embroidery and cool scalloped edge.

The next step for me is to cut and piece the bodice.  My aim is to have this done for Saturday, but I doubt it.


  1. Have you tried Lowe's Waverly curtains at 24.97 a set?

  2. That is actually the fabric i ended up using. I got two packages at Lowes. The petticoat was made out of one package, and the gown was the other.