Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hooded Coat

Fabric: Dark green wool, cotton sateen for lining
Patterns: JP Ryan Frock Coat; JP Ryan Waistcoat, (heavily modified)

December 2009 - Commission for a friend who loved Rogue's coat from the first X-Men movie. I lengthened the JP Ryan frock coat pattern, and used the front piece from the wasistcoat pattern. A hood from one of Simplicity's many cloak patterns and about a million buttons later, we had a fabulous piece of finery.

Don't forget the site: http://www.arachneattire.com/hoodedcoat.html


  1. you are truly talented! I want that coat how much would it cost to get it made?

  2. Hi! Sorry for the massive delay. I just saw your comment. That coat I sold for about $350.

  3. I Love this Coat So So Much!
    How much would it cost to have this coat made and shipped to the Uk?

  4. I sold this coat to a friend for $350. I would charge $350 plus the cost of shipping. Not sure what that would be.