Friday, September 10, 2010

A Wedding Comission

By a fortunate twist of fate, I was asked to design a wedding gown for a lovely lady in the frozen north. After exchanging a long series of web images, I think I finally have something that fits the description of what she wants: Victorian inspired, off the shoulder, wrap top, bouffant skirt. She wanted to not have to wear a corset, but still wanted to maintain the allusion to the period. Here's the first mock up modeled by another friend down in CT.

The image on the left more closely follows the pattern I took inspiration from with shirring on the sides and where the wrap crosses, but the image on the right I think I like better. It's less forgiving, but it has smooth lines and an elegant shape. The fabric she chose is a nice heavy weight silk.

The back for this mock up is the same as the one for the tentacle dress, but back lacing.

The skirt, I'm toying with Truly Victorian's natural form "Fantail" that I have used many times, and the 4 gore underskirt with poufs tied in.

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