Monday, March 5, 2018

Fantastical and LARP Costuming 2015-2018: Steampunk Ensemble

March 2017 Steampunk EnsembleAfter the arrival of Young Sir, the entire costume collection fit a little bit... differently. I still had one corset that fit alright nearly two years after the baby, so I set to work on an 1880s inspired Steampunk suit for a LARP event, and for vending at Steampunk events.

The jacket is Truly Victorian's Jacket Bodice pattern (TV428), and the fabric is a polyester Fashion Poly Spandex Suiting Fabric in brown and navy.  The skirt is the tried and true Truly Victorian TV261 Four Gore Underskirt

 The mask was made by Forbidden Identity.  I perched it on top of a brown derby hat.

In working on this piece, I *gasp* actually followed the fitting instructions in the pattern before cutting out my pieces, and lo and behold, it worked.  I only had to take it in in one small spot at the waist.

I wore it again to vend at Roseland Cottage's Victorian Fair in September, 2017.  The lovely photo in front of the pink house was taken by photographer, Amanda Manso from A. J. shaw Studios in Eastford, CT.

If I had been planning ahead, and not just thinking "oooh, the pretty fabric," I would have gone with natural fibers.  While exactly the professorial daywear vibe I was going for, it is brutal outside in the sun.  This one may have to be relegated to indoor use only.

In other news, the TV 1887 Imperial Tournure is everything I ever wanted in a lobster tail bustle and more.  I of course, had to make mine in deep red cotton twill.

September, 2017: Vending at the "Steam Rollin' " Steampunk themed Imagine Main St. Event in Manchester, CT.  This was the second trip out for this ensemble, and my first time actually selling stuff I made in person without Ian and Royal Blue Traders.

I did alright selling fabric flower fascinators, feather cockades, and other accessories.
Vending at the Victorian Fair at Roseland Cottage September 2017

I also had occasion at Roseland Cottage to do a quick pencil portrait of my fellow sutler, Bear.  I've been working on a second teacher certification in art - yet another explanation for my lengthy absence from costume blogging.

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