Saturday, November 7, 2015

Help! My bonnet got squished!

I have received a few requests on this subject, so here is a little tutorial to help you fix a squished buckram bonnet brim.

You will need:  A steam iron, ironing board, cotton scrap to serve as a barrier, and a wig head.

First, take the squished brim, and iron using the cotton scrap as a barrier with high steam to dampen and heat up the buckram.  Once the buckram is soft and pliable, roll the brim while you move the iron over it to re-shape the brim.

Once's it's been re-shaped, let it dry and re-harden on the wig head.

The crown of the bonnet can be steamed with a little hand-held steamer to un-wrinkle it.

 I hope this helps, and I hope to be able to make a video at some point.  Happy bonnet-wearing!


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