Thursday, June 28, 2012

Steampunk Mermaid Skirt

It began with a simple pencil skirt pattern that I cut a triangle shape out of the back, just under the curve of the booty.  Then followed a 9-inch ruffle.  I despise zippers with a passion, so I planned to use a button back closure.

Of course, somewhere around the time I was stitching the last bit of ruffle into place, I realized I should have put the wider, longer ruffle on first.

I went back and corrected this issue.  Heavy upholstery tassel trim will hide the rough edges on the ruffle.

The next issue to tackle was the lining.  I ended up making a mini pencil skirt out of the same fabric and using it as an extra wide waistband on the inside.  I figured it was easier than trying to do facings on the buttonholes.

This got tacked on the inside, and buttons fudged onto it.  This skirt is an exercise in approximations and guess work. I knocked it together in about 24 hours.

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