Saturday, April 21, 2012

Works in progress

I have been so inanely busy. Way too busy to post projects. I've been teaching high school history, and have very little time to do anything but work, commute, and sleep. Things in the works involve a re-working of the navy blue anglaise that I mostly finished for the ixth's New Year's party in Sturbridge, MA and a sleeveless hooded coat for a friend in Maryland. Projects on the horizon for the summer include: a striped brown and black natural form suit using the jacket bodice pattern from TV, and possibly some more 18th century wardrobe pieces. I am interested in making some more practical middle class type clothing as well as a ridiculous silk taffeta gown in a pastel color to replace the murdered green taffeta gown. Also, I am considering using the fabric from the green gown make a 16th century Florentine gown. The petticoat is mostly still good.

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