Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18th Century Casualties

Damned cat peed in a box that contained the better part of my 18th century wardrobe. It's currently in the wash. I'm trying to save it, but it doesn't look good.

Of course then, I had to be an idiot and put the Indian sari regency dress in with the others, and the dye bled. It's a disaster. I think the synthetics may make it out alright, but the green silk taffeta might be unrecoverable. The petticoat might be ok, but the gown might have danced it's last ball.


  1. Oh no, such bad news! I'm sorry to hear about that! :( Hopefully most of it all can be saved. I also have cats so I know how things can get messy at time... I always hang my 18th century gowns in the walk-in closet and always keep the door closed.

  2. I think it's over. The only survivors were the synthetic Champagne Anglaise and the linen camp clothes. I suppose this is an excuse for some new 18th century wardrobe pieces. Thankfully, the navy blue Anglaise wasn't in the box at the time. I at least will have something to wear to my next event.