Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hoops or no hoops?

(As always, click on the tumbnails to see the the larger images hosted at arachneattire.com) Chugging along on the Pride dress for the second weekend in November. Now the big question is: pocket hoops or just a quilted petticoat?

Also, adding another line of stitching on the ruched sleeve trim made all the difference. I also took out some of the volume on the recommendations of the readers of a certain LJ group. Now all there is to do is hemming.


  1. I would wear pocket hoops with this outfit but only if you have made the petticoat to fit over them by shaping the waistline to add extra length on the sides. If not then just do the fullness through the quilted petticoat. Otherwise the hem will be pulled up strange on the side which will draw the eye away from your beautiful gown!

    I love the ruching and the color is stunning. I tend to always do red or pink for my gowns...but now I'm thinking I might have to try for something green next!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I decided to go with a quilted petticoat underneath and a bit of a bum roll. I'll have to dig up some pictures from an actual 18th century event and not the costume Masquerade I just attended to show you.